Hallo allerseits!  It’s that time again… the German Film Festival begins in just over a week! 

The theme for this year’s festival is PSYCHOLOGY.  We will be showing one film per week starting 27 February 2013.  All films are in Burruss Hall 031 at 6:30pm (until about 9pm).  All films are in German with English subtitles.  

*SCREENINGS WILL BE CONSIDERED PASSPORT EVENTS* a pretty painless way to knock out those GHLTH requirements.  

Mark your calendars now, here’s the lineup: 

Wednesday, February 27 : Das Experiment  

  • A mind-shattering psychological thriller based on the infamous “Stanford Prison Experiment” of 1971. Selected to participate in a 2 week research project, a group of men agree to play inmates & guards in a real-life simulation within a state prison. As the volunteers slip deeper into their roles, power corrupts, fears escalate & the experiment spins horribly out of control.
  • Image

Thursday, March 14: Jenseits der Stille

  • An inspirational and highly entertaining drama of a young woman’s battle for independence and her deaf parents’ struggle to understand her gift for music.Given a clarinet by her free-spirited aunt, Lara is consumed by a new natural passion her parents cannot fully comprehend. Determined to follow her dreams creates an ever-widening rift that eventually threatens to tear apart her once close-knit family.


Tuesday, March 19: Die Welle

  • Based on a true story; a high school teacher in present-day Germany experiments with the seeds of fascism. In an attempt to stir up his students, he devises an experiment explaining totalitarianism. Harmless notions about discipline & community builds into a real movement: The Wave. Within days, it has taken on a life of its own & spiraled out of control. Sensing danger, the teacher decides to stop the experiment. But it may be too late.
  • Image

Wednesday, March 27: Vitus

  • The story of a highly-gifted boy whose parents have demanding and ambitious plans for him. At 6, Vitus has an exceptionally high IQ & can play the piano like a young Mozart; His parents are demanding & expectations are high. His parents love him, his grandfather understands him, but no one knows the truth; his real genius is in his heart.
  • Image


Please contact Beate Warden or the German Club if you have any questions. 

Bis dann! 



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